When you hear animal noises in your attic, or find animal droppings in your cupboards, Critter Control of Tulsa is there to help! Our residential wildlife control services resolve all wildlife control problems! Your technician will be trained and experienced on removal, damage repairs, prevention, dead animal removal, dropping/feces removal, attic restoration and more! No matter what wildlife is causing you problems, or what damages have been done, Critter Control of Tulsa is your full service wildlife control company.

Residential Wildlife Control Services

Residential wildlife control starts by identifying the problem wildlife. Your experienced techinician will be able to identify the animal and find all of the entry points. Critter Control of Tulsa uses only humane methods of trapping and removal. They will get the problem wildlife removed and begin repairing damages.

Damages that are done inside your home will continue to escalate the longer the wildlife is left in your home. Insulation will be soiled, stains and odors will be created from droppings, structures will be gnawed and chewed on, wires will be chewed, and so much more. The damages will depend on what type of wildlife you are dealing with and how many have found their way in. Critter Control of Tulsa will repair damages done and return your home to the condition before the wildlife intrusion.

Prevention is the most important step in Critter Control of Tulsa’s wildlife control plan. Our proven prevention methods will ensure the problem wildlife do not return.

If you are looking for professional, safe, humane, and effective residential wildlife control services, call us at Critter Control of Tulsa. We will solve your wildlife control problem and get your house back to being critter-free! Call us - 918.215.2299