Animal Trapping

Wildlife Trapping & Removal

Critter Control of Tulsa specializes in professional and humane wildlife trapping and removal. Our techniques will ensure the safety of the animal and the homeowner. Our experienced wildlife removal specialists will identify the wildlife animal and create a trapping and removal method to best fit the problem animal you're facing. Different approaches are necessary for the various wildlife pests due to their varying intelligence levels and diet preferences.

If you suspect wild animal invasion in your home, it's time you called the professionals at Critter Control of Tulsa. Through our humane and effective services, we can help you move toward a safe and pest-free home!

Critter Control of Tulsa excels in mole trapping and removal, raccoon trapping and removal, squirrel trapping and removal, and more. For professional, safe and effective results, call Critter Control of Tulsa at 918.215.2299