Animal Removal

Safe Wildlife Removal

Residents will find the need for wildlife removal when wildlife enter their property and find a place to nest, den or roost. Typically, wild animals will invade your home because they've found a point of entry and source of food/water close-by. For example, bats find great safety in your chimney, squirrels and raccoons find warmth and shelter in your attic and skunks find an abundance of food and water in your yard and garden. Once they've found food or a place of entry for shelter, a wildlife problem can begin and that's when safe removal is necessary.

Squirrel removal, raccoon removal, opossum removal, skunk removal, and bat extraction are specialties of our team of experts at Critter Control of Tulsa. No matter what the removal job may be, we are trained and experienced to handle it professionally and effectively. The faster you are able to get the wildlife out, the less damages that will be able to occur.

Signs you may have a wild animal infestation:

  • Animal Noises
    • Scratching
    • Scurrying
    • Squeaks or Chirps
    • Gnawing/Chewing
  • Animal Feces
    • Most commonly found in cupboards and on counters
  • Musky Odors
    • If you can't find the source, it may be in the wall or crawlspace
  • Scratch or chew marks
    • Areas outside of home that could be potential entry points

Our Services

Critter Control of Tulsa has a variety of removal and prevention services. This will ensure your unique control problem can be handled with the specific methods necessary for efficient results. The removal services include:

  • Species-specific animal removal techniques featuring one-way doors and excluders
  • Collecting, safe-keeping and reuniting of offspring with parents/siblings after animal removal
  • The use of eco-friendly repellents and deterrent animal removal techniques to discourage return
  • Professional grade animal proofing to reduce the chance of possible recurring animal removal
  • Pre-construction wildlife land clearing guidelines for the responsible management of wildlife affected by land clearing and habitat modification.

Critter Control of Tulsa's team goes above and beyond for every customer. Call us if you suspect a need for wildlife removal! 918.215.2299